If you are interested in buying one of our papillon puppies or would like more information, please contact us, we welcome questions!

We prefer Email initially.  We check our email far more than we check our answering machine.  

Home: (817)557-0747  Best phone number, but EMAIL is preferred. If you call also send an email.

Cell: (817)845-7310 Jenny
Please leave a message. I am not reliable with my cell phone so also leave a message on the home phone and email me. I MUCH prefer email initially. I do not answer while driving or while I'm at work.

Cell: (817)680-3289 Terry

Our day jobs prohibit us from using a cell phone while at work. I do not answer my cell phone while I am driving, or conducting other business. Our city has strict cell phone while driving laws, & I drive a stick shift, it's not safe for me to drive and juggle a cell phone.

Please leave a message with a phone number.  When you leave a message, PLEASE Repeat your phone number twice, to ensure that we do get your phone number correct. Please do the same with your name as well. It is also a good idea to send us an email as well, just to be certain we can get back in touch with you, it would be a shame if for some silly reason we cannot call you back.

Terry's days off are Monday and Thursday,  and I am off on Saturday and Sunday, these are the best days to reach us by telephone if you need to call us.  We do prefer email because it is easier to keep track of the people inquiring about puppies or other papillon questions and if you do have questions you can refer back to what has been said much easier than trying to remember what was said during a phone call!  Otherwise, you may hear me repeat myself endlessly, OR I may forget to tell you something important!

Please Read our Sales Agreement.

We do not ship our puppies. If you live so far away that it is difficult or cost-prohibitive for you to come and pick the puppy up in person, I am more than happy to help you find a puppy close enough to you that you can meet the breeder and take your puppy home.

Sales Agreement

We are located in Arlington, Texas smack dab in the middle of the Dallas - Fort Worth Metroplex.  Please explore our website to learn more about us and our small family of Papillons.  We offer an educational site that covers the history, birth and general helpful information about this fantastic companion breed as well as information about us and our breeding philosophy.
Sita had a healthy litter of 3 puppies on March 3, 2016  She had 2 healthy boys and 1 girl.   
Available Puppies

Supergirl Kara Papillon Puppies
This is Supergirl - Kara- Sold
 The Arrow The Green Arrow Oliver papillon puppies
This is The Arrow - Oliver Sold
The Flash Barry Papillon puppies
This is The Flash - Barry- Sold

We don't currently have available puppies or a litter on the way.  We are allowing Sita to rest between litters.  Our next litter will be most likely late this year -2016 or early next year 2017.  Please email if you would like to be on the list for litter announcement.

 We accept deposits toward payment for a puppy. The deposit is $250.00. the order of the pick of the litter is in the order of the deposit paid.  We notify of puppy births by email before we post on the website, so please send an email to be included on the announcement list.

 You are welcome to email for an appointment to meet our dogs.  I am available Saturday and Sunday afternoons, my husband is available by appointment on Monday and Thursday afternoon, we are available on evenings by appointment.  

Click the picture or the button to see more of the puppies.

  Click any of the the email buttons E-mail within this website to send an email requesting to be put on a notification list for puppy birth announcements. We love talking Papillons, and other pets. Please explore our site and take a look at and get to know us and the dogs that share our lives.

    Jovie Zooey Deschanel Da Elf                                                                                    Jovie-Retired   
Our dogs in the order they came to live with us. They are our Family.

Sita Annette Hanshaw Sings the Blues      E-mail

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